Senior Sam’s Sage Advice

Sam and his new little cousin, Cooper

Sam just had another birthday. He’s a decade old now and he’s feeling the effects of being the old dog in the house especially with the arrival of four month old, Cooper. Sam plans to teach Cooper about life on the farm. Sam has ten years of experience living here. He’s sure Cooper will benefit from his wisdom and sage advice.

Sam back in 2011

Sam was three months old when he arrived on the farm. Back then, he was the only dog on the property. He quickly realized it was his job to train his humans.

Sam likes humans, they are nice if you train them right. For instance, Sam realized early on that humans like cuteness. The first thing he thinks Cooper must learn is to look as cute as possible around his humans. This way even if he does something bad, the humans won’t care because he looks so cute. Wiggle, roll over and do tricks…anything to make his humans think you look “so-o-o cute!” A trained human is a happy human. So, Sam wants Cooper to know the power of his cuteness.

Sam looking so-o-o cute for his humans 2012

Secondly, Sam thinks Cooper should know that humans don’t like barking dogs. Barking dogs are so offensive to humans that they have coined a phrase,

“Oh my barking dogs!”

Sam’s heard this is about sore feet, but he isn’t sure how feet could bark. Anyway, he wants Cooper to know that he should cut the barking as much as possible. It’s okay to bark if someone comes to the door. Humans like that. It gives them the sense of security. Even though a tiny puppy like Cooper couldn’t protect them if he tried. Humans can be unpredictable.

Sam will also teach Cooper to make his humans feel like they’re in control. Sam has learned that humans like to control their dogs. So Sam will teach Cooper to go along with them, and pretend to obey his owners. It makes them feel very happy.

Since Sam first came to the farm, several other dogs and their owners have come and gone. Of course, his cousin, Mason, used to live on the farm, but he moved to the city. Now that Mason is a city dog, he doesn’t laugh at Sam’s silliness like he used to, but Mason likes to come visit the farm whenever he can and he still plays with Sam…most of the time.

Mason gives the side eye

Sam misses Mason and before he left for the city. Sam gave Mason the best advice anyone dog could give their dog friend. Don’t poop inside. In fact, Sam plans to share this advice with Cooper right away since he’s heard that poor old Coop has had a couple of accidents.

Sam knows how much humans hate poop…they hate it so much they carry little bags with them during walks to clean up behind their dogs so you’d never know the dog just pooped. Humans have some strange habits, and Sam thinks this is one of them.

Sam has some other dog buddies that now live on the farm with him. One of his best friends is Irie. He loves romping in the backyard with her even though she’s pretty young and energetic.

Sam and Irie

Sam didn’t know he was a senior dog until his human told him. His human laughed when she told him he was having a senior dog check-up. His human got a good laugh out of it. Sam doesn’t know what a senior is, but he’s glad his human thought it was funny. He wasn’t so happy about all the poking, prodding and needle sticking he got at the vet as his senior check-up…and his human wasn’t so excited about the bill. He hopes he won’t get another senior check-up for a long time.

Sam is still training his humans. He thinks he’s mastered the art of cuteness because when you think of it, cuteness has no age limit. Smart senior Sam.

Senior Sam still looking so-o-o cute!


Sam and his friends and a tomato

To say that Sam loves his friends is an understatement. And Sam’s friends love him…most of the time. If Sam was a human, he’d be like the kid who shows up on the playground and all his friends roll their eyes cause they know it’s gonna get crazy.

Mason side eyes Sam.

Sam can’t help it that he accidentally ate the ripe tomato out of the garden last week. And those leftovers that his humans left out on the counter…that wasn’t his fault.

Sam and Irie

He can’t help that he and his friend Irie, broke out of the backyard and ran around the house. He blames all this on his genes. He’s part Labrador Retriever and part something else. Sam says the something else part of him is what made him eat that tomato.

Some human foods are safe for your dog. If your dog eats a tomato once in a while it’s okay, but tomato leaves and stems are toxic for dogs. Dogs love many other vegetables such as carrots, green beans or sweet potatoes. Be sure to steam the veggies before you give to your pooch. Dogs also love fruits like cantaloup, blueberries and apples. Cut them up into small pieces so your dog won’t choke. Be aware of human foods that are dangerous to your dog. Never give your dog chocolate, avocados, grapes and cherries.

It’s nice that Sam’s friends put up with him. He’s pretty entertaining if you don’t mind crazy.


Double Digit Sam

February is Sam’s birthday month! His humans don’t know what day he was born on since he was a rescue dog, but they do know the month and year. So, this month Sam reached double digits! Ten year old Sam is looking good. His vet said he’s got great legs, but Sam knew that already. Hi joints are in great shape…but he’s a little overweight. Sam says that’s not his fault. So, for his birthday, please send Sam a birthday greeting ’cause a guy only turns ten once.

Sam in the City

To Sam’s utter surprise, his humans sold the farm and moved to the city. They called it “downsizing.” Sam’s not sure why they needed to move down, but he decided to go with them. After all, he knew they needed him.

Sam in the city on a daily walk. He’s wearing a Gentle Leader. His human is happy he can’t run away when he’s wearing this leash. Sam thinks humans worry too much.

Sam likes his new home in the city. Of course, like his cousin Mason, he’s now walked on a leash. Life on a leash isn’t that bad. His humans walk him several times a day.

Besides walking his humans, Sam is very busy helping care for little humans. Sam takes his job very seriously. He feels a special responsibility to train little humans about dogs. Humans are nice, but they need lots of training.

Sam and a Side Part

As the old dog of the house, Sam feels extremely enlightened about the world around him. Prone to deep sighs and intense gazes off into the distance, he contemplates the complicated things in the world….like where humans should part their hair.

Sam has heard that this is a  BIG debate among young humans. He’s not sure why hair parts are such a big deal for humans….he knows some dogs part their hair on the side…..

and some dogs part their hair in the middle….

and some dogs have no part at all….

Sam doesn’t worry too much about where to part his hair….he just parts it somewhere between his ears.

He thinks humans would get along better if they got more treats.

Speaking of treats, Sam wonders if he parted his hair on the side, he would get more attention…and more treats. Smart Sam.